My Story

I have been expertly cutting, creatively colouring and passionately styling hair for over thirteen blissful years. My passion for my clients, their hair and evolving my skills as new trends arrive is boundless. Hairdressing for me is just as much about really understanding my clients' aspirations as it is about my technique. 

My mobile hairdressing service is perfect for clients with young children, hectic lifestyles and who would just rather relax and be pampered in the comfort of their own homes. I launched my Cardiff-based mobile hairdressing service 4 Years ago and have not looked back since. I truly love what I do and the freedom of travelling around to my clients' homes and offices. I am fortunate to have clients that have used my hairdressing services for years, who have become good friends of mine. When I go to see them and style their hair it does not feel like work for me, meeting new clients and their hair is always exciting for me too.

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