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Olaplex System

We all are the victims of hair damage somewhere in our lives because of the harsh UV rays and environmental changes, bad dietary habits, heat styling tools, and of course, excessive chemical treatments and color treatments as well. And we all have been constantly searching for new ways to take care of our hair and regain its integrity whether it’s the new hair care routine with homemade masks or organic products or every other new product in the market with less harsh chemicals. And luckily these products help new hair growth as well as stronger and shinier hair but here arises a question, what will happen to hair that has already been severely damaged. Well, no need to worry about it. We the hairdressers in Cardiff are here to spread some good news for you to get you out of this situation.

Have you ever heard of Olaplex? If you haven’t let us tell you about this game-changer system that transforms your hair so let's dig in.


What is Olaplex Treatment?

Olaplex is a multi-step process with a total of nine products that repairs and prevents your hair from damage. It is scientifically designed to work on a molecular level to restore broken bonds of your hair. These broken bonds are the result of excessive use of harsh chemicals in color treatments and bleaching.

How does the Olaplex system work?

Olaplex is a complete hair repair system with a single patented ingredient that is considered a “star” ingredient. Yes, you heard that right and that ingredient is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. This molecule first repairs and then rebuilds the disulfide bonds present in your hair strands.

Olaplex repairs each hair strand as a whole in such an efficient way that first it finds out the broken bonds and then reconnects them both by ionic and covalent bonding. This means that the weak or broken bonds present anywhere on the hair shaft cannot be hidden from this powerful treatment. Olaplex treatment not only rebuilds your hair strength, structure, and integrity of your hair but also restores your tresses to make them healthier and shinier.

What are the Benefits of Olaplex Treatment

Now that you know what this treatment is and how it works, let's have a look at some of its benefits in detail.

Protection from color damage

Your hair gets extremely damage by using harsh chemicals from hair colors, bleaches, and dyes. The bleach used in highlights and lighter colors especially blondes shakes the integrity of your hair at its worst. Olaplex treatment prevents your hair from this damage.

Repairing of bonds

The excessive use of chemicals, coloring treatments, heat styling, environmental conditions (UV rays, cold weather), and mechanical abuse (brushing, friction, hair extensions) break the disulfide bonds in your hair. Olaplex treatment strengthens the bonds and restores the overall hair health and your hair will be less prone to hair fall and breakage.

Smooth and shiny hair

If you have dry and dull hair for so long then this treatment will be a hit for you. As all the broken bonds are now rebuilt and reconnected, your hair will ultimately appear smooth, soft with a healthy sheen that you’ve been longing for.

Restoring split ends and frizzy hair

Frizz in hair is an all-time struggle. We know that right! but Olaplex treatment is such a lifesaver for frizzy hair as well. It has a unique bond-building technology that not only tames and restores split ends but also reduces frizz in your hair.

Protective barrier

Your hair is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun when going out and heat styling tools even if you’re not into hair dyes and chemicals etc. Olaplex treatment provides you a protective barrier between your hair and environmental factors as well as hot tools. In this way, it also reverses the damage already caused by these factors.

Olaplex is a nine-step hair care system that strengthens the integrity of hair in a quite efficient way. We have already discussed all these things so now let's jump onto the products that work like a magic on your hair.

No. 1 Bond Multiplier

The bond multiplier is meant for professional use only in salons by hair colorists. It’s a water solution of the “star” ingredient and is added directly into the bleach and applied in the salon to repair the damage caused by bleaching.

No. 2 Bond Perfector

Bond perfector is the post-conditioning treatment that contains a smaller amount of the “star” ingredient and a variety of other conditioning agents. This product is applied once the bleach is rinsed out and leave it on for 20 minutes to overcome the damage caused by chemicals.

The above two steps are exclusively in-salon services and must be administered by professionals. So what are you waiting for? visit us in Cardiff and we will transform you in few hours.

The other seven steps are at-home steps that you can easily do by yourself.

This product acts as a primer that primes the hair for maximum absorption of the product as it contains the highest amount of the active ingredient and rebuilds the hair bonds and maintains the overall integrity of your hair. Scientists at Olaplex recommend pairing No. 0 with No. 3 to attain the desirable results i-e, repaired and stronger hair.

This take-home treatment does the wonder when applied before shampoo and leaves it on for 10 to 20 minutes. No.3 contains the smallest amount of active ingredient. Apply a generous amount of this product once a week on damp hair to achieve the best results.

The shampoo and conditioner are free from parabens and sulfates so it's perfect for your hair to give them extra hydration and strength.

Now you have washed your hair, head to the final step that is applying conditioner for three minutes because your hair wants maximum hydration and softness that is only achieved by this product.