Does Blow-drying Damage Your Hair?

Blow Drying

In today’s world, the pace of life is very fast. People are now aware of the ways on how to take care of their body and mind whether it's their hair, skin, or overall health of the body. Everyone is trying hard to exercise those practices to keep their lifestyle healthy. But everything needs time and patience and that is quite scarce in today’s fast world especially if we talk about women. Since women have started working in every field of life, it becomes very difficult for them to use natural ways of hair and skincare regimes regularly. Imagine you’re getting late for work or a meeting, or some other important reason, you cannot wait to let your hair dry naturally. Here comes the importance of blow-drying.

There has always been a debate whether you should use a hairdryer for your hair or let them dry naturally. Both the methods have their pros and cons honestly. In this blog, we will focus only on the advantages and disadvantages of blow-drying.


Money saver:

If you want to save some time and money for blow-drying then invest in some good hairdryer and you’re all set to style your hair at home without visiting the salon.

Lighter hair:

A blow of heat with an appropriate temperature is suitable to make your hair smooth and light in weight. If you have thick or curly hair then hairdryers are most beneficial for you.

Less drying time:

One of the main advantages of a hairdryer is that it decreases your hair drying time. A hairdryer sucks out water and moisture faster than the usual air-drying method.

Defined hairstyle:

Blow-dried hairs undoubtedly provide the perfect canvas for hairstyling as hairstylists are also rooting for this. Treating the hair with heat always makes the whole process easy with desired results.


I must say that blow-drying is not a problem, the main problem is ‘heat’ and excess of everything is bad. Regular use of hairdryers affects your hair health in several ways.

Weak hair follicles:

Excessive use of heat regularly weakens the hair follicles hence making the hair more prone to breakage. As a result, hair follicles become more fragile, and pores of the scalp may begin to open.

Scalp damage:

Mostly, so many of you never know what temperature is suitable for your hair and scalp and you continue to heat them until you feel the burning sensation on your scalp. To avoid this, always set your temperature at 45 degrees as this is the ideal temperature considered.

Weak hair threads:

Your hair also needs moisture just like other parts of your body. Blow-drying your hair on regular basis right after shampoo sucks out all the moisture out of the hair leaving your hair dry, frizzy with no gloss, dehydrated scalp, weak thread, hair fall, and split ends. This is what happens to your hair when you use hairdryers frequently.

Hearing damage:

The continuous noise from the hairdryer affects your hearing and mental health as well. Experts recommend that there should be at least a distance of 15 cm between your ear and dryer.


Your hair is your crown and you should protect your crown for its long life. I’m not saying that hairdryers are completely forbidden but limiting the use of hairdryers is in our hands. Instead of heat, set your dryer to cold temperature to limit the harmful effects of heat. And if not necessary then don’t expose your hair to heat, let them dry naturally.

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