A must-have for the modern wash-and-wear hair wardrobe. Beauty Works subtly fragranced dry shampoo is perfect for breathing new life into hair in between washes.

  • Product Description

    The Beauty Works Dry Shampoo 300ml spray offers a generous amount of product, that works on all hair colours because it leaves virtually no visible residue or white powdery build-up behind. The Invisible formula reduces the build-up of oil and sweat, absorbing excess moisture from root to tip. Strands will be left with more volume and free from residue, with a cleaner look and feel creating the ideal conditions for styling. The hair and scalp will receive a gentle cleanse, without weighing locks down. Made for all hair types, this dry shampoo recipe naturally absorbs residue and reverses greasy hair without exposing your scalp to harsh chemicals. 100% Vegan Friendly.

  • Directions For Use

    Shake well. Hold 6 to 10 inches away from dry hair, then apply Dry Shampoo section by section in a sweeping motion to dirty or oily areas. Wait 30 seconds for powders to activate and cleanse, then remove them by massaging your hair with your fingers or brushing your hair.